Welcome to Mwanga

- first step to Kilimanjaro

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Welcome to Mwanga - a beautifully hilly region half an hour's drive from Kilimanjaro, situated on the highway that goes between Dar es Salam and Arusha.

Mwanga is a land of farmers. This is a small neighbourhood with beautiful nature, animals, mountains and hospitable people. Go fishing in an unspoiled river, see the wildlife in Tanzania's newest National Park Manyara or go hunting on the plains.

Visit our hotels: Anjela Inn Hotel , Kindoroko Mountain Lodge, or stay in an African family home!

Read more on what you can do around Mwanga in Lonely Planet's Tanzania on Google books. Check out the bus timtable for Scandinavia Express Tanzania (Mwanga bus stand is an hour's drive south of Moshi, 50 km north of Same).

Meet a real part of Africa. Welcome!

Contact us at Mwanga District Council Office for more details:

Mwanga District Council Office, P.O Box 176, Mwanga
Phone: +255 27 2757652
Fax: +255 27 2757463

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created March 14, 2011